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Exploring Hamilton

     A few of our kangaroo children have started their school orientations this week, so we thought it would be a fun idea to go for a walk to see Hamilton Public School. We took off on a walk, taking the extra long way to the school. We passed some of our friends houses […]

Loose Parts Play

Play with loose parts enables the children to use the imagination and design their own play constructs.  One moment they are baking, the next it is a potion, the next the parts are a city and the rocks are cars. The possibilities are endless. Loose Parts Ideas for loose part can be: Old pots and [&

Potion Making

The children at Hamilton Child Care Centre are enjoying potion making. This is a favourite activity of the children. It gives them to opportunity to experiment and design different recipes. The children also use this as a time to incorporate imaginary play and feel connect by an ongoing interest. It